Understanding How Trauma Impacts the Brain & Life, Part 1

Each month, I’m joined by my network of More to Be Coaches for a live online gathering to answers questions from our tribe. This particular call focused on Understanding How Trauma Impacts the Brain & Life, which is the first of two parts to air in March.

Whether you're interested in understanding the impact of trauma for yourself or a loved one, this Coffee with the Coaches replay is packed with information on understanding how the brain responds to a threat or fear of harm and what to do about. With a crash course in neurobiology from a trauma-informed equine-assisted psychotherapy perspective (no, there are no horses on the call), I'll share with you the brain processes information and impacts the way we walk out our faith.

Questions for the Coaches

  • How does trauma impact your spiritual life? {Elisa Pulliam}
  • How do we discern God's will for our lives? {Leah Adams} Get Leah's downloadable here.
  • What is the best way to hear from God without any doubt that He is speaking? (Dawn Sadler}
  • I have several projects, all in different stages of completion, so how do I know which one to focus on? Where do I leave space for inspiration versus practicality? {Andria McCollough}
  • What should I do to figure out if trauma has impacted my life? {Kristen Humiston}

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