About the Let Go & Live Bible Study

Let Go & Live is an on-the-go Bible Study, hosted on the More to Be Podcast during the 2021 season, designed to help you discover how to apply biblical principles alongside practical tips for addressing emotional wellbeing, so that you can show up in your relationships, work, and ministry without the triggers getting the best of you. 

Each month there will be a new topic released and the content will be added here. You'll gain all the tools and resources you need to dive deep into Scripture and to help you apply the principles to your relationship with God and others, such as:

  • Let Go & Live Printable
  • Let Go & Live Bible Verses
  • Podcast Reflection Guide
  • Audio Recording and/or Video Teaching
  • Let Go & Live Scripture Writing Worksheets
  • Let Go & Live Prayer Journaling Worksheets
  • Let Go & Live Wellbeing GuideD
  • Screensaver

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email [email protected].

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