How to Live Equipped on the More to Be Podcast

Are you a planner, mapping everything out on your calendar with color-coded labels and all?

Or are you more of a laid back, take it as it comes type of gal?

Regardless of which camp you find yourself in, as the year comes to a close (and boy I am happy about that), I have started to think about how I want to intentionally plan for 2021! I am asking myself the question “Am I still pursuing God in my everyday life and if not, what changes do I need to make?”

In this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I change gears and use this time to share with you how I go about planning for the coming year while reflecting on God’s faithfulness in the past.

The Equipped: Life on Purpose resource was something I created for myself nearly a decade ago, and this year, in the midst of all the craziness of life, God’s prompted me to pull it out, put it to work, and encourage you to do the same. 

If you’re craving some structure seasoned with a whole lot of grace for living intentionally in the year to come, this episode is for you.

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