How to Say Yes to Soul Care

On this edition of Coffee with the Coaches, we chatted about how to say yes to soul care. You'll also hear from a number of More to Be Coaches as they respond to the questions submitted by our tribe, including:

  • How can we find more of a balance in the soul and spiritual care?
  • How to find more balance and time for prayer in daily life.
  • What are the three best things you can do for self care that give the most investment for your well being?​
  • Will God still accept me if I get divorced?​
  • How do I find time for soul care as a single mother?​
  • How do I set Biblical boundaries with family (parents and adult siblings) who do not like boundaries and continue to hurt me.
  • What helped you work through fear and/or resistance in starting your own coaching business?
  • How to get started as a coach when you need to finish therapy yourself?
  • I'm finding it difficult to love and not be critical of my adopted daughter who was 10 and 1/2 when she came home?

In the first video, you'll hear Lisa's take on Soul Care, which she accidentally forgot to record in the live call.

The second video offers the questions answered by the coaches.

In the third video, we hear from L'eisa Short answering a question submitted that we couldn't get to during the call.

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